Jeff dealt with sore and achy feet for many years. Being a farmer, he is constantly on his feet. Even just standing, especially on concrete, was very painful for him. He tried several things to relieve the pain and was recommended to try orthotics in his shoes. Several different brands, styles, and types did not help.

Jeff had doubts when he first came to us, but now he is doing so well with his feet being nearly pain-free! “I was a little skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure it was going to help. My pain is 95% better since I started with Dr. Brady.” Jeff’s wife is also under chiropractic care and is doing so well!

“Working with Victory Chiropractic has been a great experience for me. I would recommend it for others.”


Neck, shoulder and back pain were a regular part of Emily’s daily life on her initial visit—things she had been dealing with for years. She recalls, “it was most often discomfort than pain, but enough to bother me at least a few days per week.”

She wasn’t seeking any other care for the pain and discomfort but would take over-the-counter painkillers if it got bad enough.

“In the short time I’ve been here, I have definitely noticed the frequency of discomfort has decreased. Now when I do have discomfort or pain, it’s not nearly as noticeable as before.”

Emily also sleeps better, has more energy, uses fewer medications, and has seen improvements in digestion, mobility, and strength.

“I like that I have a follow-up plan, not just a ‘quick crack and done.’  I never had doubts it would help me, and I definitely would recommend chiropractic to others.”


Wyatt first sought chiropractic care for bedwetting, unsure if care would help. He was also unable to focus at school, being very active while expected to remain still. School personnel often suggested having him evaluated by medical professionals for ADD treatment or medication.

After starting care, Wyatt’s mom says “We were skeptical that chiropractic care would help. I was surprised at what it did for his focus! The results were so great that the teachers commented on how well behaved and focused he was in class. They didn’t know he was under chiropractic care. I’ve also seen changes at home too!”

“The explanations for the how and why of procedures every step of the way are very detailed. My daughter has seen much improvements with her scoliosis, low back, and hip issues. I have had such great improvement as well that I no longer limp or favor my right side. I definitely recommend chiropractic for everyone!”


Ahna sought chiropractic care for her low back pain and neck issues, and she also had trouble sleeping at night. She had been dealing with these things for years, feeling achy/numb pain for most of her day, making it difficult to perform day-to-day activities without pain—in her twenties, this was an issue.

She had tried physical therapy and that seemed to help, improving her strength, but it soon reverted to the achy/numb pain she was used to, even with ibuprofen and essential oils.

Ahna knew she needed something different from the traditional chiropractor. “I wasn’t gaining a lot at other chiropractors. Dr. Brady is very honest and has a great treatment plan. I’ve seen much better results.”

After about 6 months, Ahna says her low back pain is almost completely gone, and she can do the normal activities, someone, her age should be able to do. “My neck is getting back to the correct position. It has been a process and will continue to be to get back the curve we all should have. I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others who are sick, suffering or in pain.”


Katie first came in for neck and shoulder pain, low back, hip and tailbone pain. After the birth of her second child 4 years ago, she had daily, excruciating pain on her tailbone. It was so painful that she couldn’t sit without pain, even on soft surfaces. Every doctor she spoke with told her that the only way she could “fix” it was to have invasive surgery. None of the doctors even took x-rays to actually see what was going on.

Naturally, Katie was skeptical of chiropractic because she was always told an invasive method was necessary. Dr. Brady took x-rays and found the issue between her tailbone and sacrum. Katie says, “…it was fixed after the first visit and I haven’t had any pain since!” Katie’s low back, shoulder, and headaches are also totally better, and she has experienced better sleep, more energy and less daily aches, and pains.

Her son is also under care for back issues and has seen great improvements! “It’s a great atmosphere, tons of information; I definitely recommend chiropractic to others for any condition. The plan of going more often than just when you’re hurting is definitely beneficial.”


Meet sweet little Bennett! My mommy and daddy took good care of me while I was in mommy’s womb. Mommy got regular specific adjustments throughout her pregnancy to ensure my environment was safe and ready to enter the world!

The birthing process was tough on me, and I was having trouble latching to my mommy to eat. My nurses weren’t sure how to help, so mommy was a little skeptical that I could do it. Dr. Brady checked my nervous system to see if I needed a specific chiropractic adjustment. I was 5 days old for my first adjustment!

After a couple of adjustments, I was so good at latching to my mommy—nursing was easy! Since then, everything has been great. I have been sleeping so well! I don’t get sick very often either because Dr. Brady checks my nervous system regularly! THANK YOU, mommy and daddy, for chiropractic care and letting my tiny body grow naturally from above, down, inside, out!


Margaret is not new to chiropractic, having endured back discomfort for several years. She has always enjoyed running but dealt with asthmatic-breathing during her runs of 1-3 miles. In addition to her breathing issues, her back pain and hip discomfort became more prevalent as she increased her running to several days per week.

She continued chiropractic care and saw a physical therapist a few times, and that provided her some relief. When she came to Victory, she was skeptical because her “…previous chiropractor’s method became ineffective for me last year.”

Margaret says she is, “…pleased to feel the freedom to breathe normally again—no more constricted lungs!” Her ribs and hips are back in place, and she has also been able to reduce the amount of Tylenol she takes the following exercise. “My back hasn’t felt so good in 10 years! This office’s methods are gentle and the least invasive I have ever experienced, and I especially recommend the technique that Dr. Brady uses.”